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Personalized Itineraries

custom travel
personalized travel
concierge travel

Custom travel itineraries designed only for you!  No cookie cutter trips or massive group tours, every detail is handpicked and curated for your ultimate enjoyment!


cruise planning
cruise travel
luxury cruise

Ready to sail your cares away?  I can help!  With access to amazing cruise lines all over the world, I can make sure your next vacation is smooth sailing by taking care of all the details!

Group Travel

group travel 
family travel
get together travel

Life is more fun with others!  Create your own group with family or friends and let's design the perfect vacation just for you!

In person concierge services are available for VIP groups.

Milestone Vacations

wedding anniversary travel
honeymoon travel
engagement travel 
birthday travel

There are certain events in life that just need to be celebrated!  Whether it's a special birthday, anniversary or honeymoon, I can create the perfect get away with special touches!

Adventure Travel

adventure travel
travel adventure
travel activities
active travel

I am an adventure specialist!  From the hair raising experience of heli-skiing or riding a horse along the beach, I love including an adventure that will make you smile!

Culinary Experiences

Wine tours
Foodie travel
Food travel
Wine Travel

Want to taste all the wine throughout Europe?  Me too!  I have contacts with the very best food and wine specialists all over the world so you can eat and drink like a king (or queen) on your vacation!

Pet Friendly Travel

Dog Friendly Travel 
Pet Friendly Travel

Is it really a vacation without all your family members?  With extensive pet travel experience,  I can help you navigate the legalities and find the perfect spot for everyone!

Solo Travel


Looking to go it alone?  There is something to be said for the solo travel experience and I can help make it effortless!

Bucket List Adventures

bucket list travel
bucket list adventure
bucket list vacation

From exciting safaris to experiencing Antartica, let's start getting those bucket list vacations crossed off the list so there is room to add more!

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