What People Are Saying About Their Experiences

"I cannot thank you enough!  You've changed the way that I travel forever!"

"The arrangements that you made were amazing!  We had the BEST time!"

"You have made this grand adventure possible!  We're going to keep these memories forever!"

"You made this so easy.  I haven't had to worry about a thing!"

"I'm so impressed by the lengths you went to to make sure that everything went as smoothly as possible and that we were happy."

"We had the most amazing time and we have you to thank."

"We did make it home, disappointed to be back in reality.  The trip was amazing!"

"Paula Prickett, of Black Dog Luxury Travel understood what I wanted from the first time we exchanged emails. I immediately felt that I could tell her about my nieces very specific and quirky requirements, and she didn’t just take them in stride, she said, “this is going to be really fun. I love working on trips like this.” And I could tell she did love it!"

"She (Paula)  is dynamic and thoughtful and efficient and curious and funny and fun, and she gets it. Simply stated, she is the best. I have every intention of planning at least one trip a year for the rest of my life so I can continue to work with Paula. She is an exceptional travel advisor, and she is exceptionally wonderful."

"Everything was perfect!  Better than expected, you just don't experience complete service like this anymore!"