Paula Prickett-Owner


I'm Not The Internet. I Care.

No website is smart enough to have an intuitive conversation with you, and the Internet certainly doesn’t care about you. But I do. Through our conversations, we’ll uncover the trip that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

So yes, I'm human. I'm not a cookie-cutter travel company. I'm here for those that want to travel better.

I'm here for the trips that matter.


Why I Love What I Do

When my husband and I decided to get married a billion years ago, we chose a destination wedding in Maui. Back then the internet was a baby, so I spent months reading every book I could get my hands on about Maui. I was excited, so it was worth it to spend so much time researching our wedding and honeymoon.

After a while our lives got busier  and busier and it became more and more difficult to put a lot of time into planning our vacations. Sometimes there was NO planning and worse! Because I didn’t have time for research, there were increasingly NO VACATIONS.

One of our best vacations was visiting friends that moved to the island of Bonaire by Aruba. It's known for scuba diving. We had the best trip going to all the local's favorite places and meeting the coolest people.  

That’s when I realized... people that LIVE on the island are the key to having the most AMAZING trips because they know the perfect places to go and the best things to do.

As I launched Black Dog Luxury Travel, I realized having the perfect guide and supplier in every location who perfectly matches my client's style is an absolute must to craft and design the very BEST vacation experience!

While creating the best vacation experiences for my client is a must and my number one goal, my reward is...
Hearing repeatedly how HAPPY my travel clients are and...
How I make trips so EASY for my clients because...
I listen to what they WANT to do & experience from their TRAVELS!

If you're a busy person who wants the absolute best travel experience for yourself and your loved ones, I can help! It's what I LOVE to do!


Why The Black Dog?

I've had black dogs for many years, and compete with them at dog agility shows on a regular basis.   Our adventures  have taken me all over the continent.  Without them, I wouldn't have met the great friends that I now call family, had the amazing adventures that I've had, or visited the places that I've seen.  These amazing black dogs have had their part in my love of travel and adventures unknown.  

PS-My dogs have always had golf names!