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What a luxury travel advisor can do for you...

I save you time, money and headaches.  

Planning a custom trip on your own can take many hours of you doing tons of overwhelming and confusing research and you still might not  know if you're booking the things that create a great flow for your trip and are in correlation with  your style, taste or desire.

My close friendships with the best hotels, local guides, tour companies and experience providers around the world allow me to create an amazing trip that saves you time, money and headaches so you can enjoy your travel and follow your passion. 


You want that amazing trip, but....

  • The hassle of completing all the arrangements and details yourself is overwhelming. 
  • You hate the idea of packaged tours
  • The idea of standing in lines makes you shudder
  • You're not sure what to believe online
  • You have NO IDEA where to start! 


What is a travel concierge?

A travel concierge is a professional travel advisor. ... When you work with a travel concierge you have the comfort of knowing that they are fully involved in the personalized design, preparation and seamless integration of your vacation.  And heaven forbid, if something goes wrong, you have someone to contact before, during, and after your vacation. 

A travel agent is simply a salesperson who sells only certain cruise line, hotels, or vacation packages.

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