Perfectly curated vacations for your lifestyle.


Life is too short for a cookie cutter vacation

Our close friendships with the best hotels, local guides and experience providers around the world allow the unique creation of amazing vacations so you can be present, enjoy your travel, and experience this beautiful thing we call LIFE. 

From start to finish, Black Dog Luxury Travel is dedicated to YOU.  You are our focus during the entire planning process.  From the research and reservation of flights, transportation, accommodations, activities, meal reservations, spa appointments and so very much more.


You want that amazing trip, but....

  • The hassle of completing all the arrangements and details yourself is overwhelming. 
  • You hate the idea of packaged tours
  • The idea of standing in lines makes you shudder
  • You're not sure what to believe online
  • You have NO IDEA where to start! 


My Mission:

To help people create more memories, live their fullest lives, and experience the world through travel. 

You and YOUR needs are the focus of all of our travel designs...

Black Dog Luxury Travel

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